Code of Ethics for Research Faculty

  1. Faculty and staff of PHCET are expected to follow the code of ethics whilst executing their duties at PHCET

  2. Trust: Faculty members are expected at all times to evolve an atmosphere of sincerity and the currency of trust in the scientific work they present to the college and to the community in general.
    • This trust may be established by truthfully representing data, facts and figures without bias
    • Interpreting what is known and accepting the unknown without fictionalizing it.

  3. Respect for informed consent
    • Whilst quoting someone else’s work everyone at PHCET is expected to acknowledge and recognize the contribution of earlier workers inclusive of junior co-workers and students and / or assistants.
    • One is expected to take consent while publishing work and collecting data on specific matters which could come under private space of the individual.
    • Confidentiality of individuals would be protected, anonymity maintained and written consent would be obtained as deemed necessary for any such information.

  4. Professional integrity and scientific responsibility
    • Whilst presenting work done every researcher at PHCET is expected to do a thorough pre-literature search of both patents and publications and build up and add on existing knowledge. This is done to avoid duplication and encroachment of other person’s contribution.
    • All PHCET employees are expected to present their own contribution in the form of written, oral and electronic communications and refrain from copying or infringing on other individual’s or organization’s work except for the purpose of recognized referencing or local non-commercial educational purposes.

  5. Social responsibility: Respect for people’s rights and dignity
    • Whilst representing facts or interpreting results, PHCET personnel in particular would follow the guidelines of refraining from uttering harmful truths which might incite and hurt religious and social sentiments.
    • Respect human dignity and ensure that the work does not do harm the environment and cause calamities currently or in the foreseeable future.

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