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Date 10th March, 2018
Department Civil Engineering

Date 10th March, 2018
Department Electrical Engineering

The Parent Teacher’s Meeting was organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering on 10th March, 2018 in 504, V-floor, Engineering Building.

The meeting started with the welcome address by Head of the Department, Prof. Pranita Chavan. She briefed the gathering (of 35 parents) about the activities and also explained how the department offers the best possible learning environment for the students.

The following points are discussed in the meeting:

After the address of HOD, students and parents were divided division wise. They interacted with Class Coordinator and respective subject teachers. University results, Test results, Attendance, Discipline and Punctuality of a ward were discussed individually by class coordinator and counseling for improvement was given accordingly.

At last, the parents filled the feedback form and expressed their views. Following are the views and suggestion given by parents.

Date 10th March, 2018
Department F.E. Sem-II

Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities organized a Parent Teacher Meeting on Saturday, 10th March 2018 in Conclave.

Around 300 students along with their parents attended the meeting. The meeting was addressed by Dr. Shrikant Charhate (Dean, PHCET) and Dr. Manvendra Vashistha (HOD, F.E. Dept.) wherein they discussed following issues.
  1. Revaluation of SEM - I
  2. Regular Attendance
  3. Action to be taken for defaulter students
  4. Syllabus covered & planning for remaining
  5. Time management for self study
  6. Emphasis on 4-5 hours continuous study
  7. Focus on zero ATKT and its advantage
  8. Under Teacher Guardian scheme, Interaction of every students Parent s with Teachers
  9. Unit test I marks and regular Attendance
  10. Timetable for Study workshop
  11. Planning of Remedial lectures and its Time Table
  12. Continuous Evaluation of Assignments & Practicals
  13. Oral Practical Exam
  14. Unit test II and Prelim before PL
  15. Special treatment for weaker students
  16. All students should move to II nd year
  17. Rules for promotion from FE to SE
  18. Information about Internal Test 2, Oral Exam and University Exam

Date 10th March, 2018
Department Information Technology Engineering

Department of Information Technology conducted a parent teacher meeting for S.E.,T.E. and B.E. on 10th March, 2018. All parents were invited for the meeting individually. 63 parents along with their wards attended the meeting. The meeting was addressed by Ms. Monisha Mohan. The following points are discussed in the meeting:

After the welcome address, students and parent were divided class-wise and interacted with respective class coordinator and subject teacher. A progress report was made for individual student mentioning the university result, internal test result & attendance of students by the class coordinator and counselling for overall improvement was given accordingly.

Parents also shared their opinion and filled the feedback form at the end of the session. Following are the views and suggestion given by parents:

At the end of session, parents filled the feedback form and express their views.

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