Seminars and Workshops

Seminar on "Understanding the IMC RBNQ Award Criteria" 20th July, 2019
Seminar on "Avenues for Research Proposal Submissions" 13th July, 2019
Seminar on "Mind Map" 8th May, 2019
MES Research Forum - Faculty Seminar Series 2018 27th September, 2018
Workshop on "Building Quality Consciousness" 6th to 8th and 15th March, 2018
MES Research Forum - Faculty Seminar Series 2017 21st September, 2017
MES Research Forum - Faculty Seminar Series 2016 23rd September, 2016
Seminar on "Workshop on Based Learning Practices" 3rd November, 2015
MES Research Forum - Faculty Seminar Series 2015 11th September, 2015
Workshop on "Heart-fullness and Relaxation Technique" 11th and 14th to 16th September, 2015
Research Forum Seminar - 2014-15 20th March, 2015
Series of Workshops on "Effective Problem Solving"  
MES Research Forum - Faculty Seminar Series 2014 12th September, 2014
Three Days Workshop on "Autostroke" 11th to 13th September, 2014
Faculty Workshop on "Modified Bloom's Taxonomy Based Engineering Curriculum Delivery" 7th June, 2014
MES Research Forum - Faculty Seminar Series 2013 27th September, 2013
Research Forum Seminar - 2013 26th April, 2013
e-YANTRA, Robotics Workshop 12th March, 2013
MES Research Forum - Faculty Seminar Series 2012 28th September, 2012

Automobile Engineering

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Workshop on "Latex" 19th October, 2019
Seminar on "Technical Report and Research Paper Writing" 29th August, 2019
Seminar on "Sustainable Development Trends in Career Opportunities" 26th July, 2019
Workshop on "Robotics Level 1" 25th July, 2019
Training Programme on "CCNA" 13th to 16th Feb., 2019
Workshop on "Matlab Applications" 3rd August, 2018
Workshop on "Latex" 21st July, 2018
Workshop on "Future with Solar System" 10th October, 2017
Workshop on "Latex" 7th October, 2017
One Day Workshop on "Python Programming" 16th September, 2017
Workshop on "Printed Circuit Board Design" 16th September, 2017
One Day Seminar on "Digital Signal Processing and its Application" 19th August, 2017
Training Programme on "CCNA" 4th August, 2017
Workshop on "LaTeX" 11th February, 2017
Workshop on "Antenna Design using IE3D Software" 8th October, 2016
Workshop on "PCB Design" 8th October, 2016
Workshop on "Level-3 Robotics" 13th August, 2016
Seminar on "About Current IT Technologies" 18th March, 2016
Seminar on Current Technologies & Market Scenario in Telecommunication 11th March, 2016
Seminar on "NetSim Webinar: Cognitive Radio Focus" 26th February, 2016
One Day National Workshop on "Latex" 28th November, 2015
Workshop on "Printed Circuit Board Design" 8th October, 2015
National Workshop on "Recent Trends in Embedded Systems" 7th March, 2015
Workshop on "Isenso Botz" 6th & 7th Feb., 2015
Workshop on "Printed Circuit Board Design" 10th October, 2014
Workshop on "Embedded Systems" 5th April, 2014
Workshop on "Smart Printed Circuit Board Design" 23rd & 24th July, 2013
Workshop on "Introduction to Latex" 2nd May, 2013

Mechanical Engineering

Industries - Institute Lectureship Programme 12th Oct., 2018
Workshop on "Advanced Tools in Solid Works" 1st Sep., 2018
Workshop on "Energy Conservation" 24th Aug., 2018
Workshop on "Material Characterization for Failure Analysis" 23rd Mar., 2018
Seminar on "Piping Engineering" 15th Mar., 2018
Seminar on "Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)" 22nd Feb., 2018
Seminar on "Advanced Thermodynamics" 8th Feb., 2018
National Workshop on Application of Simulation & Failure Analysis in Product Development organized by SFA Mumbai Chapter, PHCET & Q Form supported by American Society for Quality, Local Member Community Mumbai & Digital Design Solutions (DDS) at Conclave, 1st Floor, PHCET, Rasayani 1st June, 2017
This workshop deals application of simulation software in the area of product design, analysis and development of composite materials.
Workshop on "Latex for Engineers" 6th April, 2017
Seminar on "Practical Understanding of Mechanisms" 11th March, 2017
Seminar on "Value Stream Mapping" 11th March, 2017
Workshop on "Matlab" 25th Jan., 2017
Career Guidance Workshop  
Two Days National Workshop on "Composites: Fracture Toughness, NDE & Failure Analysis"organized by SFA Mumbai Chapter and PHCET supported by American Society for Quality, Local Member Community Mumbai and ASM International India Chapter, at Auditorium, PHCET, Rasayani 22nd - 23rd July, 2016
This National Workshop focuses on testing of composites materials with a support of SFA Mumbai chapter and American society for quality. The test discusses in the workshop fracture, toughness and instruments of non-destructive examination.
Workshop on "Latest Trends in I.C. Engine" 29th April, 2016
Seminar on "Applications of A/C Systems" 23rd Oct., 2015
One Day National Workshop organized by SFA Mumbai Chapter and PHCET supported by American Society for Quality, Local Member Community Mumbai, on "Failure Analysis of Fasteners", at Conclave, PHCET, Rasayani 22nd Aug., 2015
This workshop organised for fastener industry and discusses the failure analysis of fasteners with case studies.
National Workshop on "Advances in Finite Element Methods" 11th April, 2015
Workshop on "Recent Trends in Machining Processes" 18th Oct., 2014
Workshop on "Fracture Mechanics, Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Testing"at TCR Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd., MIDC, Navi Mumbai 3 - 4 Jan., 2014
The workshop focuses testing of composite materials in the context of Fracture Mechanics, Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Testing.

Basic Science & Humanities Engineering

F.E. Study Workshop 12th - 17th November, 2018
F.E. Study Workshop 12th - 21st April, 2018
F.E. Study Workshop 13th - 17th November, 2017
F.E. Study Workshop 17th - 20th March, 2017
F.E. Study Workshop 5th - 18th November, 2016
F.E. Study Workshop 17th - 19th October, 2015
DSE Maths Workshop 26th September, 2015
F.E. Study Workshop 14th March, 2015
F.E. Workshop: Workshop on "Effective Problem Solving" 11th - 13th September, 2014
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