Seminars and Workshops

Automobile Engineering
Seminar on "Guidelines" 25th February & 6th March, 2017
Workshop on "Matlab" 24th January & 6th March, 2017

Civil Engineering
Workshop on "Softwares and Tools for Civil Engineers"  
National Level Workshop on "Popularisation of Remote Sensing-based Maps and Geospatial Information" 11th August, 2017
Workshop of Civil Department 30th January, 2017
National Workshop on "Advances in Construction Engineering" 11th October, 2014

Computer Engineering
Workshop on "Microsoft in Classroom Teaching with IT Technology" 25th March, 2017
One Day Workshop of CSI on "JSP, JQuery and JavaScript" 11th March, 2017
One Day Workshop on "Python" 3rd March, 2017
One Day Seminar on "How to write World Class Paper" 7th February, 2017
One Day Workshop on "Ethical Hacking" 29th January, 2017
Seminar on "Project Based Learning" 20th August, 2016
Workshop on "PC Assembly" 17th March, 2016
Workshop on "Digital Forensics" 15th and 16th February, 2016
Workshop on "PC Assembly" 6th and 7th October, 2015
One Day National Workshop on "Hadoop and Big Data" 11th April, 2015
Workshop on "Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security" 18th and 19th February, 2015
Three Days Workshop NNSC-2015 20th, 21st & 22nd Sept, 2014
NNSC - A National Level Workshop and Competition on "Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security" 20th September, 2014
NNSC - A National Level Workshop and Competition on "Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security" 15th February, 2014

Electrical Engineering
National Level Workshop on "Power Electronics Application to Renewable Energy Resources" 12th to 13th January, 2018
Seminar cum Workshop on "Programmable Logic Controller" 6th and 7th October, 2017
Workshop on "PCB Designing" 15th September, 2017
Electrical Wiring Workshop 28th January, 2017
Inter Solar India - India's Largest Exhibition and Conference for the Solar Industry 5th December, 2016
Workshop on "Embedded System Design using ARM Microcontroller" 17th and 18th March, 2016

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Workshop on "Future with Solar System" 10th October, 2017
Workshop on "Latex" 7th October, 2017
Workshop on "Printed Circuit Board Design" 16th September, 2017
Workshop on "LaTeX" 11th February, 2017
Workshop on "Antenna Design using IE3D Software" 8th October, 2016
Workshop on "PCB Design" 8th October, 2016
Workshop on "Level-3 Robotics" 13th August, 2016
Seminar on "About Current IT Technologies" 18th March, 2016
Seminar on "Current Technologies and Market Scenario in Telecommunication" 11th March, 2016
Seminar on "NetSim Webinar: Cognitive Radio Focus" 26th February, 2016
One Day National Workshop on "Latex" 28th November, 2015
Workshop on "Printed Circuit Board Design" 8th October, 2015
National Workshop on "Recent Trends in Embedded Systems" 7th March, 2015
Workshop on "Isenso Botz" 6th and 7th February, 2015
Workshop on "Printed Circuit Board Design" 10th October, 2014
Workshop on "Embedded Systems" 5th April, 2014
Workshop on "Smart Printed Circuit Board Design" 23rd and 24th July, 2013

Information Technology Engineering
Two Days Workshop on "Ethical Hacking" 18th and 19th February, 2015
National Linux Security Championship Workshop 7th and 8th February, 2015

Mechanical Engineering
Workshop on "Matlab" 25th January, 2017
Career Guidance Workshop  
National Workshop on "Advances in Finite Element Methods" 11th April, 2015

Basic Science & Humanities Engineering
F.E. Workshop 17th - 19th October, 2015
DSE Maths Workshop 26th September, 2015
F.E. Workshop: Workshop on "Effective Problem Solving" 11th - 13th September, 2014

Other Seminars and Workshops

Workshop Based Learning Practices 3rd November, 2015
Four Days Workshop on Heart-fullness and Relaxation Technique 11th, 14th, 15th and 16th September, 2015
Study Workshop for First Year: Applied Physics-I, Engineering Mechanics and Applied Mathematics-II 14th March, 2015
Series of Workshops on "Effective Problem Solving"  
Three Days Workshop on "Autostroke" 11th to 13th September, 2014
One Day Faculty Workshop on "Modified Bloom's Taxonomy Based Engineering Curriculum Delivery" 7th June, 2014
Workshop on "Introduction to Latex" 2nd May, 2013
e-YANTRA, Robotics Workshop 12th March, 2013

National Conference

A National Conference: Tech Streams 2014 21st to 22nd February, 2014
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