Tech Euforia 2018

Date: 18th, 19th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd & 24th January, 2018

Goals: The primary goal of Tech-Euforia’18 was to encourage students to bring out their technical as well as non-technical abilities and skills, by participating in the diverse events that were organized for them. One of the main objectives was to conduct a large scale technical festival in our campus to contribute to the reputation of our college. Certificate of merit and performance proficiency were awarded to the winners as well as participants to appreciate their participation and encourage them.

Attendance: In the view of the fact that Tech-Euforia’18 was a National level festival, students from many other colleges were present. About 1000 students from colleges other than PHCET attended the technical festival, whereas, around 1500 of PHCET students were present in the events.

Event Description: Tech-Euforia’18 comprised of many events, technical workshops & technical events enlisted below:

Technical Worshops:
Workshop Member Date Venue
Robotics L1 4 18th January, 2018 C-001
Line following Robot without microcontroller 5 19th January, 2018 C-105
MATLAB 1 19th January, 2018 Mech CAD Lab
PCB Designing 2 18th January, 2018 C-105
Network Security 1 19th January, 2018 B-404
Shell Scripting 1 20th January, 2018 B-404
Mix Design 1 18th January, 2018 C-505
Laser Cutting & 3D Printing 1 18th & 19th January, 2018 R & D Lab
Electrical Wiring 4 19th January, 2018 B-504
Technical Seminar - 18th January, 2018 Conclave Hall
Introduction to virtual reality - 22nd & 23rd January, 2018
(11 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

Technical Events:
Events Member Date Lab
Paper Presentaion 2 23rd January, 2018 Canclave
Coding 1 22nd January, 2018 D-414
Debugging 1 23rd January, 2018 D-413
Web Designing 1 22nd January, 2018 D-413
Code Relay 4 23rd January, 2018 D-414
Poster Making 4 23rd January, 2018 B-506
Robo Soccer 2 23rd January, 2018 Engg. lobby
Technical Treasure Hunt 4 23rd January, 2018 B-506
Technical Quiz 2 22nd January, 2018 B-506
Hackathan 4 22nd - 24th January, 2018 R & D Lab
Placement Mantra 1 22nd January, 2018 Seminar hall 3rd floor
Cube Casting 1 18th, 19th January, 2018 Concrete Lab
Bridge Making 1 19th January, 2018 C-505
CAD Civil 1 19th January, 2018 Civil CAD Lab
Robomaze 2 22nd January, 2018 Engg. lobby
Fastronics 2 23rd January, 2018 Engg. lobby

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