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Dr. Tejaswini D. Nalamutt
Environmental Engineering, Industrial Waste Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Research Methodology
Ruchita Ingale
Environmental Engineering, Irrigation Engineering
Manisha Jamgade
C Programming, Solid Waste Management, Design of Hydraulic Structures, Geotechnical Engineering, Irrigation Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Karthik Nagarajan
Civil Engineering: Structural Engineering, Water Resources, Remote Sensing and GIS
Raju Narwade
Structural Engineering
Sonali V. Baviskar
Environmental Engineering
Madhulika Sinha
Structural Engineering
Ashamol P. R.
Geotechnical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Basic Civil Engineering and Strength of Materials
Sayed Anwarul Haque
Structural Analysis, Design of Concrete and Steel Structures, Structural Dynamics, Pedestrian Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics
Manish Mane
Construction Management
Apurva Deshpande
Waste Water Treatment, Water Treatment, Engineering Geology, Geotechnical Engineering
Shivraj Patil
Construction Management
Harshal Pathak
Environmental Engineering
Saketh Shetty
Water Resources
Ashwini P.
Structural Engineering

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