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Dr. Chelpa Lingam
Programming in C Language, Artificial Intelligence, Structured and Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Software Engineering, Project Management
Dr. Ashok M. Kanthe
Computer Network, Mobile Computing and Communications, Internet Routing Design, Advanced Computer Network
Dr. Mathew T. Joseph
Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Advanced Computer Networks, Network Security, Software Engineering and Software Testing, Information Security, MIS, Algorithm Development and Programming, Object Oriented Methodology and Design Patterns
Dr. Anitha Patil
Advanced Datastructure, Structured Programming Approach, Object Oriented Programming, Information Security, Network Security, Advanced Operating Systems, Advanced Algorithms, Computer Networks
Munawira Kotyad
Operating System, Micro-Architecture
Babita V. Bhagat
Software Engineering, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Unified Modeling Language, Computer Networks, System Programming & Compiler Construction, Structure Programming Approach
Rohini B. Bhosale
Computer Network, Cloud Computing
Ekta R. Ukey
Database Management Systems, Distributed Databases, Structured Programming Approach, Data Structures
Srijita Bhattacharjee
Cryptography and System Security, Computer Graphics, Operating System
Rahul Kapse
Software Quality Testing, Sun JAVA Programming Language SL-275
Archana Augustine
Artificial Engineering, Artificial Neural Networking, Software Engineering
Swapnil P. Waghmare
Android Operating System
Rajashree Tukaram Gadhave
Image Processing, Computer Network, Data Structure, Structured Programming Approach, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Analysis of Algorithm, Theoretical Computer Science
Anish Pillai
Neha Rane
Structured Programming Approach, Data Structures, System Programming and Compiler Construction, Microprocessor, Ubiquitous Computing, Internet of Things, Object Oriented Programming Approach
Nikhil R. Raje
Networking, Application Programming, Database, Web Engineering
Dnyaneshwar Shinde  
Rajashree Aneesh
Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Artificial Intelligence, RDBMS
Archana Arudkar
Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Artificial Intelligence, RDBMS
Snehal R. Shinde
Data Mining
Roshankumar Bhauskar
Information Security, Cloud Computing
Dhanashree T. Patil
Cloud Computing
Neha G. Rathi
Operating System

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