Department of Information Technology Engineering

Faculty List with their Specialisation and E-mail ID
Monisha Mohan
Storage Network and Management and Retrieval, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, System and Web Security
Shamna Sadanand
Operating Systems, Database Management System, Advanced Database Management Systems, Computer Networks, Advanced Microprocessor
Farheen Adil Talib
Computer Architecture and Management, Computer Networks, Operating System, Multimedia System, Linux Programming, Software Testing, Data Structure
Poonam R. Pathak
Software Project Management, Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality, Object Oriented Programming, Software Engineering, Big Data Analytics, Structured Programming Approach, Distributed System, Advanced Database Management System
Rupali Mangesh Sathe
Database and Information Retrieval System, Big Data Analysis, Graphical User Interface and DBMS, Computer Organization and Architecture, Data Structure and Analysis, Software Engineering
Siddhesh Khanvilkar
Data Mining & Business Intelligence, E-commerce & E-business, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Software Engineering
Kajal Patel
Database Management System, Advanced Database Management Systems, Data Mining and Business Intelligence, Computer Simulation and Modelling
Amol N. Karande
Web Programming, Advanced Internet Technology, Open Source Technology, Database Information Retrieval, Object Oriented Programming using Java Laboratory, Python, Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality
Prachi Rajendra Sorte
Automata Theory, Structured Programming Approach, Microcontroller & Embedded Systems, Intelligent Systems
Priyanka S. Sonawane
Artificial Intelligence, Linux, Open Source Software, Data Structure, Software Engineering, Database Management System
Manasvi Bansi Belote
Database & Information Retrieval, Python
Pranita Prabhakar Sathe
Software Testing Quality Assurance, Database and Management System, Database and Information Retrieval, Computer Organization and Architecture, Microcontroller and Embedded Programming
Komal Golimbade
Distributed Systems, Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality, Database Information Retrieval, Intelligent System, Object Oriented Programming using Java Laboratory
Ashwini Khillari
Computer Graphics, Database Management System, Operating System, Game Programming with Unity and DirectX11, Software Project Management

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