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"If we are not fully ourselves, truly in the present moment, we miss everything." - Thich Nhat Hahn

Counselling is a process, which takes place in a one-to-one relationship between the counsellor and the counselee. The counsellor helps the counselee take the responsibility for their choice and behaviour but also provides proper assistance to the client which will enable them to make rational choice and take responsible decisions.

One generation ago the word counselling was unheard of. It is also true that the lifestyle has changed considerably in the past few decades and there is much more pressure to perform, competition is intensifying in all walk of life.

It is said that round the globe, more people go to bed hungry for a 'kind word' than the number of people who end the day hungry for food, we all need someone who is willing to 'listen'. There is definitely a vacuum in the area of emotional support that needs to be fulfilled in by all of us.

Our youth, the cream of our society are under tremendous pressure as they are expected not only to succeed but also to become toppers of their class and course. Adolescents show a need for affection and attention, rejected adolescents are likely to encounter difficulties in many ways. Teaching them good communication skills, giving them opportunities to express their opinions, feelings and frustrations is the need of the hour.

A counsellor has a very important role in improving the quality of life. All of us have acted as counsellors at one point or the other and felt good when we have helped the person in difficulty to overcome his / her problems by being sensitive to their feelings by empathising to their situations and showing genuine desire to reach out to those who are in distress.

The knowledge of counselling is necessary for parents to understand their children, teachers to facilitate their students, grow into more developed and confident individuals and prepare them to face the life situations with confidence.

The least we could do is be kind to ourselves and every living being on this planet.

Meet the counsellor at Room No. 314

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