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1. Borrowing Facility
2. Reference Service
3. Photocopy Service
4. Internet Access Facility
5. User Orientation
6. Plagiarism Check
7. OPAC and MES App

1. Borrowing Facility
Patron Category: There are three main Categories are there in the system.
  1. Students
    1. B.E. Student
    2. M.E. Student
    3. Ph.D. Students
  2. Faculty Members
  3. Non Teaching / Supporting Staff

Item / Collection type: Total collection is divided into four categories.
  1. General Books
  2. Reference Books
  3. Project Reports and Thesis
  4. Supplementary Materials like CDs-DVD and Videos
  5. Journals,
  6. E-Resources

Loan Period (day): General Books
Students 3 books for 7 days
Faculty 8 books for one Semester
Supporting Staff 5 books for 30 days

Loan period for Reference books: Only in case of an emergency.

Fine Structure: Rs. 5 per day fine for every borrowed general books and non book materials.

Note: If due date falls on Sunday and holiday it will be excluded from fine calculations.

Vacation Issue System: We may, if authorities approve, allow students to get books issued for the entire vacation.

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