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3. E-SAMAI (Electronic Lamp Lighting)

An eco-friendly initiative taken by our students Nabil Diwan and Shefali Pawar, was designing E-Samai under the guidance of Prof. Ravindra N. Duche and Mr. Haresh Thakur. These students have designed electronic lamp called as E-Samai to overcome the major limitations of conventional samai (Lamp used for lighting during inaugurations).

Following are the advantages of using this E-Samai over the conventional samai.
  1. The use of oil and wick is eliminated.
  2. As it works only on 5 volts, it consumes less power.
  3. E-Samai is not made up of metal, hence the weight of samai is also not a problem.
  4. Risk of fire is eliminated.
  5. Low cost.

4. Economical LCD projector

An Economical LCD projector is designed by team of students of PHCET with the guided efforts of Prof. Asokan S., Assistant Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication Department. The innovative idea took shape in practical the projector requirements of bring down the projector to economic cost and to make projector accessible to each and every classroom of our college. Such participation motivates the students to participate in research activities.
Designing and Implementation Photos of Economical LCD Projector
This project is working in three phases. The Team has successfully completed Phase I and successfully demonstrated in Research Forum, conducted in PHCET. Team of students and Faculty is working intensively on Phase II, interfacing Bluetooth, Android, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the projector.
Team Members Prof. Asokan Selvaraj (Project Guide)
Ansari Kamrudeen (TE Mechanical)
Selvam M Kuppuswamy (TE Computers)
Rahul Pillai (TE Computers)
Supporting Staff
Server Room Mr. Ganesh Sahasne
Workshop Mr. Sanjay & Mr. Deepak
Electronics Lab Mr. Thakur & Mr. Kirti

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