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Name of Competitions Age Group Date No. of participants Position / Remarks
Mumbai University Football Championship Men 26th Sept., 2018 20 boys Participation
Mumbai University Table Tennis Championship Men 21st Sept., 2018 5 men Participation
Mumbai University Taekwondo Championship Men 17th Feb., 2019 1 Men Participation
Mumbai University Basketball Championship Men 24th Sept., 2018 9 Men Quarter Final
Mumbai University Wrestling Championship Men 5th Jan., 2019 2 Men Participation
Mumbai University Best-Physique Championship Men 5th Jan., 2019 2 Men Participation
MES Inter Collegiate Sports Championship Men & Women July - Feb. 2018-19 64 Girls & Boys 4th Position

Student Name: Oswin D'silva
Year: T.E. I.T. (A.Y. 2018-19)

The Pillai HOC football team of engineering and technology started practicing from the month of August for the tournaments which were hosted by MIT, Pune in the first week of September. The team won their first match with score 1-0 and lost their second. The team was then sent to participate in Reliance football tournament where the team won the first match against Sushiladevi Deshmuk College, Airoli with a score 12-0. Match was held in Ghatkhopar the Reliance Tournameent is still in progress. The team also participated in Mumbai University tournament where the first round was a bye. The second round was against Metopolitan, Oras where the team won 3-0. Round three was played against R.M.C.O.E., Ratnagiri where the team won the match in penalties and the score was 1-1 (3-1 pen). The team then lost the fourth round against Thakur college with a score 0-1 and was knocked out of the tournament. All these matches were held in CKT college, Panvel. The team looks forward to perform well in the ongoing Reliance tournament. The team is glad to receive all the support from the college and the opportunities provided to the team.

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